The Impact of the Home Environment Essay

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The Impact of the Home Environment

In the process of early childhood development, enormous changes take place. Throughout the process, each child develops attitudes and values that guide choices, relationships, and understanding. Family environment and involvement plays a very imperative role in early childhood development. The Home Observation for Measurement of the Environment (Home) inventory is on of the most widely used measures to access the quantity and quality of support and stimulation provided for children at home.During the research of Assessing The Home Environment of Early Child Development in Pakistan. The research is completed in 2 districts of Pakistan: TandoJam and Mastung. Mustang is a royal area, and TandoJam was a suburban area. The purpose of the research was to identify the difference in the two very different environments by responsibility, involvement, and Variety. In the conclusion evidence, of 23% of a young child in the poorest quarter were more at potential risk of developmental delays.

Environment factor plays an enormous role in developing of cognitive and learning abilities. Methods used in this study did depend on the relationship with the parents, parents interacting with their child, by reading, and having verbal stimulation and a better quality of childcare. The family organization, and the secure attachment directly affected better outcomes for the child. The TandoJam district used more reading and stimulation materials then the Mustangs, which caused a higher score for the upper category, indicating a healthy child development. The method of using study tools were used for the environmental assessment. Some of the children did not have age appropriate material, so their scores were lower in the Mastung district. The children in the poor district used chalk or coal to learn to write. Later, they were given items of different inventory (pens) that resulted in a higher score when they got tested again. The assessment...