Bob Iger Disney Fun King Essay

Category: Business and Economics

Bob Iger: Disney’s Fun King

Ann Fleming

Keiser University

Robert Iger is one of the most popular CEO’s that Walt Disney has ever had. The CEO has worked hard to rescue the company from decline. He is well known as a reformer and a person who saved the company that was almost collapsing. He is a charismatic leader and an icon who is a role model to many leader today. His legacy will always be remembered since he did a lot of great things that has made the company the way it is today. This paper lays out an extensive focus on some challenges he faced when he was managing the company and how he managed to solve the problems.

Some of his key challenges lied with the provision of strong leadership that would replace the old leadership model that the previous CEO had installed. He needed to change the company for the better so as to save the company that was almost declining. Robert had to find and adopt a leadership model that would suit all people. In addition, Robert faced the challenge of making the company remain relevant and fresh. The previous CEO was very reluctant to change, and he never created an environment where innovation and creativity could thrive. Robert was put into the task of ensuring that the company look relevant by producing the latest product that would hit the market. This in itself is a big challenge that faced Robert as he took over the management of Disney.

He is also tasked with repairing and restoring the company image that had been destroyed by the previous CEO. He had to restore the broken relationships and steer the company forward. Robert also faces the challenges of adopting new technology that would help in marinating the company at a competitive position from its competitors (Jones, G. George, J, 2014). Robert also faces the challenge of adopting strategies that would help in protecting the company products from piracy. Finally, Robert faces the challenge of expanding the company to various countries such as China and India. He is...